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Our Company

Systèmes Intérieurs Bernard MNJ & associés inc are personally committed to deliver high quality projects in order to respond to their customers mandates.

The executive members

Vision, Passion and Dedication

Pierre Bernard - Founder

Armed with more than 30 years of experience, he knows the company's in's and out's and has a vast knowledge of the industrie. Like any great man, he has transmited his impressive bagage of knowledge to his sons, Hugo and Nick.

Hugo Bernard - President

The real center stone of the company, Hugo overseas the company to insure that everything runs smoothly, he negotiates the client contrats and also keeps a constant eye on everything , he assures a constante supervision of the field teams. Rigorous, determined and passionate, Hugo represents an undispensable asset to a team that strives on service and quality.

Nick Bernard - Vice-President

Nick is the go to guy on the field, he executes with brio all type of task, respecting guidelines and timelines. He is a perfectionist, he doesn't hesitate in finding efficient solutions to finalizes every project, on time all the time.